Saturday, January 31, 2009

Low Carbon Event at Wolseley - Its part in rebuilding the Economy.

I attended the Low Carbon Event this morning run by one of the areas leading employers, Wolseley and Lib-Dem run Leamington Town Council.

The event was held at Wolseley’s Sustainable Building Centre at Spa Park, which showcases the latest sustainable products and renewable technologies.

It is encouraging that we have a local employer developing and promoting these products. This is vital not only for the environment but also for economic recovery.

It is clear that we must invest our way out of the current economic crisis. There is a growing consensus amongst Political and Business leaders across the world that investment must put in place the infrastructure for the 21st Century economy. This will mean investment in digital infrastructure, transport and efficient use of sustainable energy.

The products I saw on display at Wolseley demonstrate how we can save energy in our own homes and how buildings can be constructed with significantly lower energy needs. It is certain that the economy of this century will be based around better use of energy. We can be proud that we have one of the leading suppliers of these products based here in Leamington.

Leamington Town Council is working towards transition town status, to reduce the carbon footprint of the town. Working with businesses such as Wolseley is good for our town, it is good for employment and it is good for our environment.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why cant the Banks lend the £37 Billion to British Businesses that tax payers have already given them.

I am astounded that the Government is planning on risking more tax payers money to get banks to lend to British businesses. A disturbing number of small businesses are shutting down because the banks have pulled the rug from under their feet by withdrawing overdraft facilities that are essential to maintain their cashflow. Many of these businesses have solid order books and are needed if we are to rebuild our economy.

Haven't we already sunk £37 billion into our banks to get them lending again, what has happened to all of that! So why on earth should we risk a further £10 billion, just to get the banks to do what they promised to do in the first place. Surely the answer is to force them to keep lending the huge stake the Government already has in these banks to our healthy businesses and keep people in work.

More on Eco Towns

I spotted this in the Independent earlier in the week. It looks like the battle for the Eco towns is still on going. The article makes a good point about the true environmental impact on some of the planned towns due to their distance from employment and transport systems.

In principle I am in favour of eco towns, however the plans for the site near Stratford, stuck in the middle of the Warwickshire countryside and no plans to link up the transport system, would mean residents would have to jump in their cars to take their children to school and attend work.

What would make more of an impact would be Eco Developments in cities linked to public transport systems and close to all the services. Otherwise its nothing more than an excuse to build more houses in the greenbelt.