Sunday, December 07, 2014

Not all UKIP Policies are Mad - when it comes to Trains and Beer they have played a blinder.

In the interest of Political Balance – I have found a few UKIP policies I actually like. They are mostly related to Trains and Beer – but none the less, Imagine being able to go all the way round the Circle Line to catch a Great Western Pullman Train, sitting in the Buffet Car supping a good old British Pint whilst pulling out of Paddington Station – Glorious.

"Ukip will return London's Circle line to a circle

"Ukip will encourage a return to the glamour, grace and style of the railway companies of the past through its railway policies. Ukip seeks a return to 'Pullman' trains, with appropriate branding such as 'Great Western Railway', one of the most successful British brands ever."

“the government should insist on a modernised form of traditional branding – chocolate and cream for Great Western, scarlet red for Midland, apple green for the east coast. These are icons of Britishness."
"Ukip would restore imperial measures for all weights and measures, restoring the crown symbol on pint glasses 

"Ukip would cut duty and taxes on traditional draught beers such as real ale, ciders and some lagers. Ukip would also allow landlords to write off against tax promotional costs for traditional beers through pub posters, beer mats and giveaways.

Questions we need UKIP to clarify about their policies before the General Election

The General Election is only months away – and with UKIP are claiming to be a contender.  Given some of the statements made by UKIP in recent months I feel the British Public must have the following clarifications on their policies.

If UKIP won the General Election and Nigel Farage became Prime Minister….

  1. Would non British people living in the UK, or British People living in Mainland Europe need to be repatriated?
  2. If so would this also apply for children born in the UK to non British Parents and how many generations would this go back?
  3. How would this affect other people living in this country descended from people from our former colonies, Afro-Caribbean or the Indian Subcontinent for example? Would UKIP allow them to stay, deport them or move towards an apartheid style system once tried in South Africa?
  4. Will this apply to people from other former colonies such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc?
  5. Will UKIP tackle the growing threat of flooding in coastal or flood plains by;a.     Increasing Funding to flood defences,b.     Abolishing Gay Marriage, rounding up Homosexuals and sending them to internment Camps?
  6. Will our armed forces continue to work in Partnership with our former European neighbours to protect our common interests, or will our forces be used to form a defensive shield around Britain to guard against the French, Spanish or Germans as we used to in the old days.
  7. As UKIP believes Climate Change is a myth, will UKIP re-establish the Glory of the British coal mining communities of South Wales and the North of England so we can be self-sufficient in coal powered energy? Will children as young as nine be allowed to go down the pits again?
  8. What will be the penalty for Women caught breast feeding in Public?
  9. As the unemployed will no longer be able to vote, how long must they be in employment before they can register?
  10. Can UKIP be more specific about which disabilities will require compulsory abortions if detected in Foetuses.