Friday, June 05, 2009

Leamington Allotments Safe.

Just catching up on some of the local news. It seems Leamington Allotments are safe from development. Concern was raised when the 'options for growth' consultation placed one of the options for 10,800 new homes right across some of Leamington's fantastic allotments.

Allotment holders across Leamington mounted a solid campaign to oppose this option and it looks as though, in spite of the conservative led District Councils 'gagging order' forbidding local councillors who have suported the campaign from speaking and voting on the issue the allotment holders in Leamington have managed to protect their plots.

That is great news.

Lib-Dems push Labour into third place in Warwick & Leamington.

A momentous local election count at Stoneleigh today has left Labour floundering in Third place in the newly formed Warwick & Leamington constituency.

Labours support fell to 7% behind the Liberal Democrats close at the heels of the Conservatives who managed only a 3.6% lead on their Lib-Dem rivals.

I am delighted by the result. People have been telling me on the doorsteps that the state of the economy and the collapse of the government over the expenses scandal have played a major part in today’s result.

Vince Cable’s commentary on the economy and Nick Clegg’s call for a total reform of Westminster has shown that the Liberal Democrats are taking the lead on the serious issues we face in our country.