Saturday, May 27, 2006

Training and more training.

I seem to have hit a glut of training for the next few weeks. Last week we had the 'Moving Forward' programme in Worcester, including some Page Plus training. This weekend trogged down to Cowley St for one of the Get Set Go sessions, I have another two booked next month. I am very impressed with the standard of much of the training we get in the Party, the session today on Interpersonal Skills covered similar ground I have covered on some courses at work, only tailored for political situations. Commercially I could have paid hundreds for this standard of training. I would reccomend anyone however long they have been in the party to take advantage of the training on offer, its always worth topping up skills or just networking with other people and exchanging experiences.

So tomorrow, hoping to make a start on my pile of Focus, its ironic, the moment I get them all printed we get the wettest May on record.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Renew for freedom - MAY 2006 - renew your passport

renew for freedom - MAY 2006 - renew your passport

I have just submitted my application to renew my passport using the Passport Service Website. It took me 10 minutes to complete. This is part of a campaign to send a clear message to the Government that we do not wish to be part of the most intrusive ID card schemes in the 'free' world.

By renewing now, this means I do not need to be part of this scheme until 2016 by which time it will probably have gone the way of many recent government initiatives and either fallen into a state of chaos or scrapped due to lack of funding.

This is what has happened to two recent government IT projects I have worked on as a Project Manager in the past 12 months after many, many millions had been spent on them, a scheme to track 'Lorries' so they would pay per mile (sensible green policy) and a scheme to track Livestock which is part of an EU directive aimed at mitigating the impact of disease outbreaks such as foot and mouth. So my confidence that the government can implement an effective scheme to track people is not high.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Turn 9/11 rubble into a killing machine? Hello? - Comment - Times Online

Turn 9/11 rubble into a killing machine? Hello? - Comment - Times Online

Interesting story in the Times...

"On August 28, 2002, Mr Pataki’s wish was granted with the result that 24 tons of steel from the stricken buildings was taken to New Orleans and put to use by Northrop Grumman Systems in the construction of an amphibious assault ship."

The writer, Martin Samuel highlights the irony very well when he says,

"In this way, the 2,800 souls that perished as an indirect result of an interventionist foreign policy that achieved the exact opposite of its stated aims can be honoured by a vessel built to ensure that this flawed cycle of violence continues."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On a lighter note.

If the DVLA know exactly where any untaxed car is located among the millions of cars in Britain..... but we haven't got a clue as to where the terrorists are located. Maybe we should put the DVLA in charge of MI5.......

"Sensible Policies for a Better Britain!"

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Sun Online - Sun Says: Time to stop the madness

The Sun Online - Sun Says: Time to stop the madness

As to my previous Post, its interesting that our old friend David Cameron is showing his true colours, if he can still remember what these are. Now wonder the Tory members are confused, Left, Right, Green, Black, do we wear a tie, do we ride a bike, is it OK if we do ride a bike to have our chauffeur follow behind with our briefcase?

Another point of interest, that fine bastion of public information, The Sun is once again coming out in favour of the Tory's. As I commented not long after Cameron's leadership election, I am convinced that this is all part of a long running shift that will culminate in The Sun declaring their hand close to the next election in favour of the Conservatives.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Human rights law 'may be changed'

BBC NEWS Politics Human rights law 'may be changed': "Liberal Democrat constitutional affairs spokesman Simon Hughes said: 'The answer is to seek better collective protection, not rip up human rights obligations which have stood the test of time and are important guarantees for the rights of us all.' "

This is all part of a steady erosion of our civil liberties and rights as a human being that have persisted under Labour over the past 9 years. I know this is the party line, yet again I am reassured that I am in the right party.

This is simple. The problem does not lie in the Human Rights legislation which exists to protect us all as human beings. The problem lies in the Governments incompetent execution.