Friday, February 24, 2006

Odds on Huhne ahead

Well my vote is cast for Chris Huhne. This was a difficult choice with three excellent candidates to choose from. I feel that Chris has the fresh ideas to take the party needs to move forwards.

The political betting website today shows Chris ahead so my early investment may well pay off.

And so to the Slopes.

Just finished delivering my last round in our latest Focus. As I walked round a few streets of Victorian terraces, I mulled over the possibility of presenting an emergency policy motion at the conference outlawing those brush type letter box draft excluders that are the bane of our lives and leave us with red raw knuckles.

I am off to the slopes tomorrow for a few days skiing before the conference at Harrogate. This comes as a nice little break as I finished my recent project in the South West of England yesterday. I shall miss the countryside and the interesting characters I have met. On my return I am looking forward to my next project working on the Livestock Register in York.

Friday, February 17, 2006

BBC News | UK | Tests spark fears of genetic underclass

BBC News | UK | Tests spark fears of genetic underclass

This is an issue that sparked my interest this week. Advances in genetics can have many benefits in helping identify people with a propensity for various conditions which help in the application of preventive medicine or early detection of a condition. There is a grave concern however that the government may allow Insurance companies to use this information when setting premiums. This is the thin end of the wedge leading to people being penalized or even denied insurance, the opportunity of home ownership or pensions on the basis of their DNA.

There is a Privacy issue at stake here, in that people have the right to the privacy of their DNA along with issues surrounding Equality, Fairness and as our genetic code is directly related, Race. This is an issue that we as Liberal Democrats need to make a clear stand.

I wonder whether anyone else has any thoughts on this subject.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Dumfirmline - Local Issues.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Lib Dems celebrate bombshell win: "The winner, Willie Rennie, said the result would 'rock the foundations' of Downing Street, but ministers said it was due to 'local issues'. "

Heaven forbid that the electorate should start voting for their locally elected representatives on 'local issues'.

And the winner Tonight

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Lib Dems deliver blow to Labour

Just finished watching the Question Time on the leadership contest. I ran a points system for the contestants, awarding points for 'style' based on good points made and delivery and awarded points for winning a particular argument or good policy.

My personal points are:-

Ming, 2 political points and 8 points for style.
Chris, 2 political points and 4 points for style.
Simon, 1 political point and 5 points for style.

This is going to be a difficult one. For me between Chris and Ming. As you may know I have £20 riding on Chris yet am prepared to vote for Ming. In my book Ming has pulled level with Chris after being slightly behind.

Overall the party won tonight. I am still convinced that I am in the right party and am more determined to fight for it, regardless of who is leader. With such talent we really deserve to triumph as it appears we have in Dumfirmline.

That is the result tonight. Anyone who believes that we are a party in 'meltdown' has been sent a clear message.

It is an exciting time to be a Liberal Democrat.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thanks Tony

PM Question Time

Listening to this as I crawled through the Bristol Ring Road tonight I couldnt help wondering how much Tony's rebuttal of the Tory Leaflet in the Dumfirmline By-election was better than anything we may be able to get out and at no cost. I was also pleased that Tony helped respond on our behalf to Cameron's claims to be a Liberal. Had I been a Lib-Dem back bencher in the commons today Tony would have got one of the loudest cheers from my part of the house.