Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Warwick traffic management

Went to a public meeting this evening to look at the problems we face in Warwick with traffic. This is part of the public consultation phase and was a workshop to get people involved in identifying the problems. The session was well run and focused on the issues rather than solutions, I felt this avoided any soap boxing that these events can often turn into.

Traffic is a problem in Warwick as we have an old town with narrow streets, only one route across the river and a character of the town that needs preserving. There are problems especially with the school traffic and commuters plus people driving through the town rather than using the bi-pass.

This is the second attempt at a traffic management scheme for the town. The previous plan that was proposed after consultants studied the issues was so opposed by the public that they mounted a 'silent protest' outside county hall on the evening that the Councillors went to vote on the issue.

Who says Democracy does not work !!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Is the Sun Newspaper about to turn on Labour?


Saw this in the sun today. Not that I am an avid reader of the sun you understand, it was on the table in the smoking room at work.

Now the question... Is the Sun about to turn on Labour. We all remember the famous "Vote for Maggie" in depth political comment during the 80's and then the switch to the New Labour Conservative party. Perhaps this is a slown build up to a switch back? Non too difficult from an idealogical perspective as both parties represent differing brandings on a very similar perspective.

Now the Sun clearly carries quite a bit of political weight and is very effective in telling its readers what to think. Conspiracy Theorists amongst us I am sure can come up with some interesting theories about media puppet masters. Perhaps it suits the establishment to have a two party system that can be manipulated in order to create the illusion of an alternative. Its all about branding, if we get bored with Coca Cola we can always switch to Pepsi yet its still a brown cola drink.

I am going to watch this one....


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blackpool Liberal Democrat Conference

It was interesting to see the reports in the media, I suspect that some of them must have been at a different conference. I saw reports on TV of debates that I had attended reported in a very different way to the way I saw them. There was the talk of leadership challenges and descent, although there are some that would like Charles Kennedy to be more dynamic I do feel that this was grossly overplayed and perhaps its better to have a leader with some integrity in his beliefs than a presidential style. In the end he gave an excellent speech, as did Menzies Campbell a few days earlier, he is such a great speaker. I notice he is speaking in Stratford soon and I may try to get an invite.

Anyway a fascinating week all round, I attended some fringe events on a number of issues, met some interesting people and attended some training. The week was quite tiring, there was so much to do and I had to plan my day carefully. I also feel that I have been out of touch with the outside world for a while as I had no internet connection.

I had a 5 hour train journey to the other end of the country and am now in Exeter for a meeting tomorrow with a supplier. I am glad I took the train as I really could not face a 5 hour journey. I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow.

The hotel in Blackpool, which I booked on the internet was a little run down, little things like having greasy cups at breakfast. It was quite central though and was only a place to sleep. I am in a nicer hotel now in Exeter and shall chill out and relax for a bit, my meeting is at 12:30 so I can catch up on my work email tomorrow morning.

Anyway, that's the news from Blackpool, I'm off out for a walk around I have not been here since I was a child. I shall probably end up in a nice pub somewhere for a swift pint.