Saturday, April 29, 2006

Calls for John Reid to Resign

BBC NEWS UK Cannabis found at John Reid home: "defense Secretary John Reid."

The government, facing one of their worst weeks yet in the run up to next weeks local elections were further blighted when a horde of Drugs were found at the home of defense secretary John Reid.

Coming after it was revealed that Charles Clarke had let immigrant murderers and rapists go free, Randy John "Two Shags" Prescott's revelations of romps with his secretary, Tony Blairs Cash for peerages claims and Patricia Hewitt's statement about the health service, what next!

Foresnsic Police experts confirmed that a stash of cannabis with a street value of upto 85 pence had been recovered from the home of the man responsible for our armed forces!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just the one defection to the Lib-Dem's today - Polls are up though.

Robbie Rowantree, a former Conservative parliamentary candidate who is well known for his involvement in the Highland community has joined to the Scottish Liberal Democrats just days before polling in the Moray by-election.

"The Tories lack of any positive message confirmed they were so out-of-touch that the time had come when I could no longer remain a member of the Party. Contrast that with the Liberal Democrats who, under Nicol Stephen, have set out a radical, reforming, responsible agenda for the whole of Scotland". Commented Robbie.

From the Guardian we have the following...

Labour support has dropped to the lowest point since the party's heavy defeat in the 1987 general election, according to an ICM opinion poll for the Guardian. Its share of the vote has dropped by five points since March, putting it on 32%, two points behind the Conservatives.

The Lib Dems have risen by three points to 24%, a remarkable improvement for a party mired in scandal at the start of its own leadership election two months ago.

Yet another Labour Councillor Joins the Lib-Dems.

Labour Councillor Ann Holtom has today left the Labour party to join the Liberal Democrats. Councillor Holtom becomes the third Labour councillor to join the Lib Dems in as many weeks following moves by councillors in Brent and Plymouth.

Councillor Holtom said "I have become very disillusioned with the Labour Party.. I see the Liberal Democrats as the only party who are meeting the aspirations of Birmingham people".
Councillor Holtom is the third Councillor to join the Liberal Democrats within the last month. Councillor Shaukat Ali Khan and Councillor Mohammed Saeed disbanded the Peoples Justice Party to join the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats are expected to make many more gains in the Local Elections on May 4th. Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Paul Tilsley said "In the middle of the local election campaign this is catastrophic and damming news for Labour. Ann has sent a clear message to voters, leave Labour and back the Liberal Democrats".

Monday, April 24, 2006 | Society | Disbelief as Hewitt claims 'best year ever' for NHS Society Disbelief as Hewitt claims 'best year ever' for NHS: "Disbelief as Hewitt claims 'best year ever' for NHS "

£600M in Debt and 7000 job cuts.

I really dont think anyone believes the spin any more.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cameron's Problem:- BBC NEWS | Politics | Cameron sets Tories on journey of change

Here is David cameron's biggest challenge. On the one hand we have a party conference where he is urging his followers against a backdrop with the word "CHANGE"

BBC NEWS Politics Cameron sets Tories on journey of change

And then we have the Oxford English Dictionary which defines the word Conservative as:-

• adjective 1 - averse to change and holding traditional values.

Cameron urging the Conservatives to change would be like standing up at the Lib Dem party conference and urging the membership to be Intolerent, Biggoted & Narrow Minded.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Great Western Charity Gig - Sat 5th August

To raise as much money for Myton Hospice as we can. Myton Hospice represents a cause close to many people's hearts and has long been a respected charity not only in Wartwickshire but now also nationwide.

I have volunteered to help out at the Great Western Charity Gig in Warwick on the 5th August. Two of the bands I work with shall be there, The Jonesy Band and The Shanade Band, check out the website for more info. Hopefully there shall be a CD available of the bands material for sale along with other means to raise cash for this excellent local charity.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Lib Dems launch election campaign

BBC NEWS | Politics | Lib Dems launch election campaign

It is well worth watching the Video clip from the BBC website. What I saw was a coherent and candid message that I found a refreshing change from the soundbites and rhetoric that we have become used to from the other parties.