Thursday, August 17, 2006

I almost found myself agreeing with John Prescott

BBC NEWS UK UK Politics Prescott denies calling Bush crap

Its been a long time since I found myself agreeing with John Prescott and find myself dissapointed that John did not have the backbone to stand by his comments on the American President. Personally I felt that our Deputy Prime Ministers alleged comments summed up what a number of British people have been thinking for a long time, far better than anything our actual Prime Minister has had to say on the subject.

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agentmancuso said...

All true enough. And it hasn't gone down badly with the spineless ones on the labour benches either. Am I suffering from the general deluge of conspiracy theories, or is it all a bit convenient for Prescott to 'accidentally' criticise Bush like this? After all, Prescott's sole function is to give people who believe The Working Class to be an objective entity a reason to continue voting Labour. A bit of raw populism isn't going to hurt his case at all.