Sunday, August 24, 2008

David Cameron's UK Holiday Sham!

Three weeks ago David Cameron took a holiday in Cornwall in front of the media spotlight to show solidarity with British families affected by the credit crunch.

Yet in secret he has taken his family on a luxury holiday on board a yacht in the Turkish Rivera.

“The break was dubbed an opportunistic attempt by Cameron to show himself as a humble stay-at-home politician who had tightened his belt and gone on holiday in Britain in the wake of the credit crunch” Says the Daily Mail.

'Bucket and spade' Dave has shown his true 'blue' colours by holidaying on a £21,000 a week yacht, surrounded by an armada of seven boats of 74 mates and family and banqueting in the finest restaurants,” added the Mirror.

Well what can I say, this is one in a long line of examples where Cameron will do one thing in front of the camera’s and another when he thinks no one else is looking.

David Cameron has looked the part of a Prime Minister in waiting while Gordon Brown has been floundering. Yet the British people should not be fooled by Cameron. If Cameron becomes our next Prime Minister we can expect more spin than we had under Blair and very little substance.


Anonymous said...

As if anyone could produce more spin than Blair - the man who pushed a country into a war on a lie so he could milk the gratitude of the American senate. In addition, lets not forget Blair was the master of blagging foreign holiday at other peoples expense, at least Cameron pays his own way.
Why not post something positive in your blog?

Anonymous said...

it was not secret, it was in the Mail at the start of the summer recess.