Friday, December 16, 2005

Raising our Game. - Meeting the Challenge.

A lot has been said this week about the need for Charles Kennedy to raise his game. I do not wish to comment on what has already been said, other than I feel it was very unwise, whoever it was who briefed the press earlier this week.

The political climate has changed for us all in the party, an ever shifting climate. Our increased presence in Westminster, the overdue and long wait for Blair to step down and of course Cameron's honeymoon period as leader of the Conservatives.

We have a Political climate where Labour and the Tories occupy very similar ground in the right authoritarian quadrant of the political compass. This is leaving a vacuum for those who still believe in social justice and for those who believe in individual liberty. This is the space where the Liberal Party and Liberal Democrats have held for many decades. Whilst the other two parties pay lip service to moving into this hallowed centre ground in a bid to reassure disaffected voters, this is our natural homeland, our turf, based on core values rather than a knee jerk lurch to the left to appease the opinion polls.

The fact that we are being attacked on two fronts signifies that the other two parties see us as a genuine threat and this will only intensify. We should continue to confidently hold this ground, from a position of strength, where sound economic principles meet social justice and opportunity for all.

It is not only Charles Kennedy that needs to raise the game, we all do, I have recognised this in myself, in our local party, at all levels. It is encouraging to see that there are many at all levels of the party that recognise this and are willing to do all that is needed to meet this challenge. There is a real sense of energy building in the party at the moment and it is not surprising that Cameron needs to attack this. We are his biggest threat.

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