Friday, December 16, 2005

Warwick & Leamington Liberal Democrats - Invite 'Liberal Conservatives' to Join us.

I have just seen David Cameron's website launched this evening, many activists, Councillors and MP's have been sent emails inviting them to view this site,

I have posted a quick invitation to Liberal Conservatives to join us on our local web page

Personally I find the idea of joining the Conservatives obhorent, I simply cannot trust them nor do I have any respect for them.

This whole thing stinks, it really makes me wonder whether there were any 'secret briefings' of the press this week. No one has owned up to it and if this was a supposed leadership challenge it was very clumsy. How difficult would it have been for Cameron to create a few leaks to the Tory controlled press? An excellent launch to his Libdem4cameron campain.

There is a very good rebuttal in Simon Mollan's blog

This is clearly the first salvo in the fight for the centre ground. Remember Sun Tsu say, "Always fight on the ground of your choosing" in this battle we have the high ground, the centre ground, our home turf, this is the ground of our choosing and we can win this.

<> Totally Excellent rebuttal from our Youth & Students Branch

Lets see how this pans out, we shall gain a massive respect when, as I hope no one defects.


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For those in hunt of entertainment... once again proving you don't try to out campaign Lib Dems at their own game...