Friday, February 17, 2006

BBC News | UK | Tests spark fears of genetic underclass

BBC News | UK | Tests spark fears of genetic underclass

This is an issue that sparked my interest this week. Advances in genetics can have many benefits in helping identify people with a propensity for various conditions which help in the application of preventive medicine or early detection of a condition. There is a grave concern however that the government may allow Insurance companies to use this information when setting premiums. This is the thin end of the wedge leading to people being penalized or even denied insurance, the opportunity of home ownership or pensions on the basis of their DNA.

There is a Privacy issue at stake here, in that people have the right to the privacy of their DNA along with issues surrounding Equality, Fairness and as our genetic code is directly related, Race. This is an issue that we as Liberal Democrats need to make a clear stand.

I wonder whether anyone else has any thoughts on this subject.

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