Friday, March 03, 2006

Snow in Harrogate.

Two days after coming home from the snow in the Alps we have some impressive snow falls in Harrogate where I am attending the spring party conference. We seem totally unable to cope with snow in this country. As I walked to the hotel last night the pavements were becoming treacherous as the temperature dropped.

I attended a consultative session on International Law, quite a complex issue. Our table was discussing the question of when is it right to intervene in the affairs of another state. We agreed that intervention could be anything from Diplomacy, International Aid, Sanctions, Peacekeeping or Military Action. The intervention needs to be appropriate to the situation. Military action should be a last resort in extreme cases. We all agreed that genocide is a situation where we have a responsibility to act.

Next up was a 'Meeting the Challenge' session hosted by some of our key women. I especially enjoyed Lynne Featherstone, I am a bit of a fan of Lynne, I love the way she communicates with people in a down to earth way, she is passionate about a style of politics that everyone can identify with.

This session was followed by the introduction of Ming Campbell as our new leader. Whilst Ming was my second choice I am confidant that Ming has the drive and ambition to lead us to greater success.

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