Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just the one defection to the Lib-Dem's today - Polls are up though.

Robbie Rowantree, a former Conservative parliamentary candidate who is well known for his involvement in the Highland community has joined to the Scottish Liberal Democrats just days before polling in the Moray by-election.

"The Tories lack of any positive message confirmed they were so out-of-touch that the time had come when I could no longer remain a member of the Party. Contrast that with the Liberal Democrats who, under Nicol Stephen, have set out a radical, reforming, responsible agenda for the whole of Scotland". Commented Robbie.

From the Guardian we have the following...

Labour support has dropped to the lowest point since the party's heavy defeat in the 1987 general election, according to an ICM opinion poll for the Guardian. Its share of the vote has dropped by five points since March, putting it on 32%, two points behind the Conservatives.

The Lib Dems have risen by three points to 24%, a remarkable improvement for a party mired in scandal at the start of its own leadership election two months ago.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Alan you you got me all excited there was me thinking we'd snared another one instead of yesterday's Scot.

Maybe I should have worked harder on the Conservative candidate I bumped into earlier this evening.