Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yet another Labour Councillor Joins the Lib-Dems.


Labour Councillor Ann Holtom has today left the Labour party to join the Liberal Democrats. Councillor Holtom becomes the third Labour councillor to join the Lib Dems in as many weeks following moves by councillors in Brent and Plymouth.

Councillor Holtom said "I have become very disillusioned with the Labour Party.. I see the Liberal Democrats as the only party who are meeting the aspirations of Birmingham people".
Councillor Holtom is the third Councillor to join the Liberal Democrats within the last month. Councillor Shaukat Ali Khan and Councillor Mohammed Saeed disbanded the Peoples Justice Party to join the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats are expected to make many more gains in the Local Elections on May 4th. Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Paul Tilsley said "In the middle of the local election campaign this is catastrophic and damming news for Labour. Ann has sent a clear message to voters, leave Labour and back the Liberal Democrats".

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