Saturday, May 27, 2006

Training and more training.

I seem to have hit a glut of training for the next few weeks. Last week we had the 'Moving Forward' programme in Worcester, including some Page Plus training. This weekend trogged down to Cowley St for one of the Get Set Go sessions, I have another two booked next month. I am very impressed with the standard of much of the training we get in the Party, the session today on Interpersonal Skills covered similar ground I have covered on some courses at work, only tailored for political situations. Commercially I could have paid hundreds for this standard of training. I would reccomend anyone however long they have been in the party to take advantage of the training on offer, its always worth topping up skills or just networking with other people and exchanging experiences.

So tomorrow, hoping to make a start on my pile of Focus, its ironic, the moment I get them all printed we get the wettest May on record.

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