Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Renew for freedom - MAY 2006 - renew your passport

renew for freedom - MAY 2006 - renew your passport

I have just submitted my application to renew my passport using the Passport Service Website. It took me 10 minutes to complete. This is part of a campaign to send a clear message to the Government that we do not wish to be part of the most intrusive ID card schemes in the 'free' world.

By renewing now, this means I do not need to be part of this scheme until 2016 by which time it will probably have gone the way of many recent government initiatives and either fallen into a state of chaos or scrapped due to lack of funding.

This is what has happened to two recent government IT projects I have worked on as a Project Manager in the past 12 months after many, many millions had been spent on them, a scheme to track 'Lorries' so they would pay per mile (sensible green policy) and a scheme to track Livestock which is part of an EU directive aimed at mitigating the impact of disease outbreaks such as foot and mouth. So my confidence that the government can implement an effective scheme to track people is not high.

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