Friday, April 27, 2007

Canvassing in Clarendon

The Clarendon Team. Nicole Alexander, Myself, Cllr Sarah Boad,
Robert Cunliffe & Cllr Eithne Goode.

As I have a few rare free moments I thought I would share some experiences from our campaign in Clarendon. Clarendon is a very mixed ward right in the centre of Leamington spa in Warwickshire. We have everything from multi million mansions to student flats, our main shopping area, award winning parks, the river and we even have a farm on the edge of the ward.

Our response has been fantastic here! I have had people stopping their cars in side streets to talk to us and the only people who have told me not to waste my time have been our supporters who have assured me of their vote and told me to talk to someone else.

It is proving to be a great way of picking up on issues that are a priority to our neighbours, with vandalism and anti-social behaviour being a key issue. My running mate, Robert Cunliffe is chair of a neighbourhood watch in the area and he has already raised some of these issues with them and the safer neighbourhood panels.

So we are optimistic of success in a weeks time, tons more work to do and I am really enjoying it!

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Edis said...

Making a fight of it in Clarendon! Well done...

With Margaret Beggs standing down in Milverton one of my few remaining lnks with Leamington politics goes - I ran the committee room for her in her successful by-election in 1984.

Looking forwards to good news from the old patch with a new generation taking over.

Edis Bevan (deep in EARS work in Milton Keynes)