Tuesday, March 27, 2007

200 years after abolition of Slavery - No time to Celebrate.

I have not posted for a while on here as I am snowed under with the local elections that are just 6 weeks away. However over the past few days I have seen headline capturing words from Tony Blair expressing deep sorrow over Britain's role in the slave trade, words from the Church and the usual suspects who love to publicly hang their heads in regret of long past events infront of ever present TV cameras.

Hypocrisy !!!

This is starting to really annoy me. OK I agree we should show regret, but a far better way would be to do more about the slave trade we actually have going on in this country today!

Exchange slave ships for Cargo Container's, replace West African's with Eastern Europeans and people from the far east (many of them children), change the setting from the plantations of the new world to farms, sweat shops and brothels across England and the shear human misery is the same.

I would like to see the same outcry against this that is happening right now as we have seen in recent days over a 200 year old event. This is the worst crime imaginable, women and children imprisoned & raped daily in our cities.

There is a lot of information on the BBC website.
Find out about the Poppy Project

What we can do!

  • Be Informed
  • Write to your newspaper, MP, MEP, Me, Tell your friends.
  • Raise Awareness & Make a lot of noise
  • Sign my Petition.

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