Monday, August 13, 2007

Fantastic Response to Parking Survey

I have had a fantastic response to my Parking Survey that has been going out in parts of Warwick.
Apart from the Guy Street, Cherry Street area where residents have done a lot of excellent work to get things changed, there are problems in the Packmores area and also along Watham Road.
All these hotspots are in the same residents parking zone although the problems are slightly different.
I shall wait until the last of the survey responses comes in and will write a report to the District & County Council outlining the problems you have told me about.
If you did not receive a survey and do have problems in Warwick or Leamington you can download a copy here.

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Anonymous said...

I've set up a Yahoo forum to which anyone can contribute their comments and experiences relating to the new Warwick parking scheme.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from people who are affected by the residential parking aspects of the scheme.

Patrick Hogan