Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blackpool Liberal Democrat Conference

It was interesting to see the reports in the media, I suspect that some of them must have been at a different conference. I saw reports on TV of debates that I had attended reported in a very different way to the way I saw them. There was the talk of leadership challenges and descent, although there are some that would like Charles Kennedy to be more dynamic I do feel that this was grossly overplayed and perhaps its better to have a leader with some integrity in his beliefs than a presidential style. In the end he gave an excellent speech, as did Menzies Campbell a few days earlier, he is such a great speaker. I notice he is speaking in Stratford soon and I may try to get an invite.

Anyway a fascinating week all round, I attended some fringe events on a number of issues, met some interesting people and attended some training. The week was quite tiring, there was so much to do and I had to plan my day carefully. I also feel that I have been out of touch with the outside world for a while as I had no internet connection.

I had a 5 hour train journey to the other end of the country and am now in Exeter for a meeting tomorrow with a supplier. I am glad I took the train as I really could not face a 5 hour journey. I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow.

The hotel in Blackpool, which I booked on the internet was a little run down, little things like having greasy cups at breakfast. It was quite central though and was only a place to sleep. I am in a nicer hotel now in Exeter and shall chill out and relax for a bit, my meeting is at 12:30 so I can catch up on my work email tomorrow morning.

Anyway, that's the news from Blackpool, I'm off out for a walk around I have not been here since I was a child. I shall probably end up in a nice pub somewhere for a swift pint.

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