Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Warwick traffic management

Went to a public meeting this evening to look at the problems we face in Warwick with traffic. This is part of the public consultation phase and was a workshop to get people involved in identifying the problems. The session was well run and focused on the issues rather than solutions, I felt this avoided any soap boxing that these events can often turn into.

Traffic is a problem in Warwick as we have an old town with narrow streets, only one route across the river and a character of the town that needs preserving. There are problems especially with the school traffic and commuters plus people driving through the town rather than using the bi-pass.

This is the second attempt at a traffic management scheme for the town. The previous plan that was proposed after consultants studied the issues was so opposed by the public that they mounted a 'silent protest' outside county hall on the evening that the Councillors went to vote on the issue.

Who says Democracy does not work !!!

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