Monday, September 26, 2005

Is the Sun Newspaper about to turn on Labour?,,2-2005440637,00.html,,2-2005440634,00.html

Saw this in the sun today. Not that I am an avid reader of the sun you understand, it was on the table in the smoking room at work.

Now the question... Is the Sun about to turn on Labour. We all remember the famous "Vote for Maggie" in depth political comment during the 80's and then the switch to the New Labour Conservative party. Perhaps this is a slown build up to a switch back? Non too difficult from an idealogical perspective as both parties represent differing brandings on a very similar perspective.

Now the Sun clearly carries quite a bit of political weight and is very effective in telling its readers what to think. Conspiracy Theorists amongst us I am sure can come up with some interesting theories about media puppet masters. Perhaps it suits the establishment to have a two party system that can be manipulated in order to create the illusion of an alternative. Its all about branding, if we get bored with Coca Cola we can always switch to Pepsi yet its still a brown cola drink.

I am going to watch this one....


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Manfarang said...

I always thought the Sun readers were mostly non voters.There must be some research somewhere about this.