Monday, October 17, 2005

Cut the crap politics.

Just popped out for a swift one in the local, the conversation turned to politics, I don't tend to bring such subjects up however am happy to nurture them when they do.

So what is the word on the street.

Well it seems people are opposed to the central control that the government have over local council planning and the manner in which this means indescriminate building with little regard to low cost housing, a real problem in our area. I suggested that perhaps what we needed was power devolved to the lowest level and that was met with favourable agreement. It was also proposed that we move from council tax to a local income tax with many favourable arguments being put forward by all concerned.

All this could have come from a discussion in the bar at the recent Lib Dem conference. These comments came from people that claim they 'dont understand politics'.

It reminded me of something I picked up at the conference. People like our policies all we need are people to spread the word.

I feel people are sick of the spin, smears and the smoke and mirrors that have dominated British Politics in the past few decades. What people want is a style of politics that cuts the crap and presents a clear set of policies that people can understand and that are just plain common sense.

I joined the Liberal Democrats totally prepared to be disillusioned and so far can still say that we are the party that can deliver just that.

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