Saturday, October 08, 2005

The most powerful person on Earth & Jeremy Beadle.

Last night after a productive evening in my local, drinking beer and talking crap we ventured back to a friends house where there is a fireplace set in the garden. We sat around the fire discussing the world in general and one friend summed up the sad state the world is in.

"George Bush is the most powerful person on Earth" at the time it was quite a profound statement and we sat there for a while reflecting on how mankinds evolution had culminated in this situation, a world that created Enstein, Picasso, Shakespeare, Beethoven, had mapped the human Genome. And the nation that claims to be the most advanced civilization actually elected George W Bush as their president, twice, to elect him once is unfortunate, to reelect him is just plain careless. How can that happen. Something is clearly wrong.

I keep expecting it to turn out to be some huge practical joke, Candid Camera or Jeremy Beadle (a TV personality in the UK that plays practical jokes, [for the American readers])

Jeremy Beadle jumps out from behind a grassy knoll and announces, "You thought you had elected George W as your president didn't you! What you didn't know is that we set the whole thing up.... You've been had."

The global population heaves a collective sigh of relief.

"Bloody hell, Jeremy" one Englishman exclaims, "that's Bloody Brilliant, how did you fix that, rigging the election, the War in Iraq, that's gotta be your best prank yet!!"

Whilst George W being a joke president would seem to be the most logical explanation, sadly our American Cousins have indeed chosen George W as their leader and even more remarkable there are some that even believe he is a good president.

Here is an example of Georges wisdom that caught my eye this evening. Relating to the subject of low voter turnout and re-engagement of people in politics, a subject well covered by a number of fringe events at the Lib-Dem Blackpool Conference. None of the speakers however managed to hit the nail on the head as eloquently as George.

"A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls."

Nice One George !!


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