Thursday, July 13, 2006

Two Jag's yes - Two wars NO!

BBC NEWS Politics 'Horror' at Prescott as acting PM

There is an irony here, Prescott can be trusted with Two Jag's but not two wars.

John Prescott: Traditionally stands in for Tony BlairOne of the UK's best known former Army commanders in Iraq says he is "filled with horror" at the prospect of John Prescott running Britain this summer.
Mr Prescott usually takes the reins when Tony Blair is abroad on holiday but Colonel Tim Collins says he should not be left in charge of two wars.

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M74 said...

Yes, but Collins is a self-publicist and will say anthing that will get him on the telly. He is also very anti-Labour, which is curious since his notoriety was entirely dependent on him making a grand speech whipping up morale for his men in the early days of the Iraq War that Labour led us into. It is a good speech, by the way.