Wednesday, March 07, 2007

MP's Vote to Elect the Lords.

It is a historic day today. MP's voted by a majority of 113 to elect 100% of the house of Lords. Long awaited as we have only been looking at this since 1911.

I am in favour of this reform because Democracy requires the involvement of the people, it will make the second chamber more accountable and more effective. The second chamber will provide a direct regional influence in Parliament, to scrutinise legislation and executive action and to take a backstop role in preventing abusive amendment of the constitution without popular consent.

Of course, there is now the small matter of an Act of Parliament that will have to be written and the details of how this will work to be thrashed through - and which will have to get through the House of Lords, ironically enough - but it's a fantastic start.

For fun... Have a look at the Elect the Lords website and you can buy yourself the virtual peerage of your choice.

Or for a more detailed analysis have a look at the Democracy Wkki Site.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'll be somewhat sorry if we lose those unelected lords. They've got a bit of welcome independence from political fashion, witness their latest stunt of sinking Tessa Jowell's nasty super-casino. Of course, our elected MPs didn't stop it - it's just too populist a proposal for most of them to vote against.