Monday, April 07, 2008

Better Off under Gordon Brown.

Well some of us are at least. This morning I got my first payslip since the new tax rates started. I am paying less tax now than I was about 7 years ago, so thank you Gordon!

Of course those on lower incomes and young people already being hammered by student loans and no prospect of being able to buy their own homes are worse off.

The new tax regime that came into effect this weekend removes the lower 10% tax band and reduces the basic rate. This means that people on incomes lower than £18,500 a year are worse off.

New Labour can no longer cling onto the claim that they are the party standing up for ordinary hard working people. It is not the Labour party that my Grandfather worked for.

I will be using my tax cut to help campaign for a fairer government.

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disgruntled said...

Well at least there may be recompense for some of those affected by this iniquitous tax measure - eventually.

How ridiculous though, that one partner of a couple may still end up paying more tax because they earn a small proportion of the joint income when, if both partners earned an equal amount both would pay less tax on the same joint income.

Income tax is a personal tax. Family tax credit is applied to the family income. The fundamental error Gordon Brown made was to believe he could hide the impact on individuals behind the guise of helping the poor. He has actually helped middle earners at the expense of the lower paid. It is scandalous that those Labour MPs who have expressed their views now the tax has come into force did not do so when this measure was first proposed over a year ago.