Monday, May 11, 2009

Douglas Hogg MP - Moat Cleaning Expenses

I had thought I had heard it all about MP's expenses, but this week has plumbed new depths. Douglas Hogg, (who has his snout firmly in the trough) the former agriculture secretary, submitted a claim form for more than £2,000 for the moat around his country estate to be cleared. At tax payers expense.

What has become the subject of office jokes this week has turned into a farce. People I have spoken to over the past few weeks are angry that OUR tax payers money is being embezzled in this way, when schools are struggling for funding and there is a shortage of hospital beds.


A444 said...

Hogg living up to the name, then?

Anonymous said...

Since the hall is funded by the taxpayer why not pay a visit? I'm sure the Viscount and Viscountess will relish the opportunity to welcome as many visitors aspossibel to view the moat. Visit:

Kettlethorpe Hall

Anonymous said...

Is it not Baron and Baroness Hogg?

The City Folk Club said...

I think not, Anon.
Surely, Sir Douglas will charge an entrance fee.
It would be inconsiderate of the tax-payer to confuse him further with the obligation for him to fill in a VAT form!
Then again, for a considerable tax-exempt sum, I could do that for him.