Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Britain needs to invest in our Digital Economy to remain a world leader in the 21st Century Knowledge Based Economy

Yesterday I chaired a fringe event at the Lib-Dem conference on the Digital Economy.

Investing in the Digital Economy is vital to Warwick & Leamington where there are a significant number of Jobs, from global corporations such as IBM and Accenture to the computer games industry and high tech automotive research.

There is a lot talk about cuts in expenditure, yet at the same time investment in infrastructure, skills and enterprise is vitally needed in areas of our economy. Whatever comes out of the current economic crisis it is clear that information technology will play a large part. Britain is currently a world leader in IT. Yet Britain risks falling behind if we do not make investment, part of a clear strategy for economic recovery.

Fellow Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidates took part in a Dragon’s Den to grill industry representatives on information society topics. The workshop addressed important issues such as child protection, jobs of the future and delivering public services at lower cost.

Philip Virgo, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Group on the information Society organising the event said, that most other issues would be irrelevant unless the UK can create, attract and retain the wealth-creating jobs of the future.

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