Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shameless Fringe Plug - IT and the Internet

I am posting a shameless plug for a conference fringe I am involved with as this event will be of particular interest to our on-line community.

IT and the Internet - Turning challenges into opportunities

Westbourne Suite Bournemouth International Centre Mon 21st Sept 1300-1400

Following the recent publication of the Governments ‘Digital Britain Report’, a Dragon's Den of Parliamentary Candidates grilling industry representatives on political priorities for the on-line world.

A hot buffet lunch and drinks will be provided.

As the UK becomes increasingly reliant on computers and the internet, the Parliamentary cross party alliance on the information society, EURIM brings together a panel of prospective parliamentary candidates to assess the importance of information society issues to their target voters.

Society is critically dependent on services delivered over the Internet. Those without good access risk becoming a new underclass. At the same time there are issues of child protection, fraud and other abuse.

Politicians need to look towards delivering better public services at less cost by reducing waste. Can a more practical approach to online systems help them achieve this goal?

Representatives from Nominet, who look after the .uk domain and run the UK "Internet Governance Best Practice" awards; global technology corporation IBM; and engineering and design consultants Atkins will present key information society issues including internet governance, employer mobility and delivering value for money in public services.

The panel will then assess importance of the issues raised for their own upcoming election campaigns.

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