Tuesday, July 24, 2007

High Rising - Single out on Monday.

Some friends have a band, High Rising who are releasing their first single on Monday. Its worth checking out to add credibility to your MP3 player and help an up and coming band.

High Rising are stalwarts of the Warwick Music Scene, what you did not know Warwick had a music scene! Probably the most vibrant since the Beatles did their last gig at the Cavern and headed down to London. High Rising are more ground breaking than the Sex Pistols, crazier lifestyle than The Stones (Anthony once rode his bike into the canal), bigger than Arctic Monkeys, Louder than Metallica.... you get the picture.

Seriously, check out the myspace, listen to the songs and if you like what you hear follow the link to download the single, I would recommend the B side She's not worthy'. All for the bargain price of 79p!


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