Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sedgefield Labour Shame.

I have just been watching YouTube footage from the Launch of the Lib-Dem by-election campaign in Sedgefield. The footage shows a disgraceful attempt by a mob of Labour activists to disrupt the event. [See Report from the Northern Echo]

I cannot see how this helps the Labour campaign at all, there were Labour councillors in the mob who should know better and show a bit of respect rather than to be part of such a disgraceful display. They were behaving more like football hooligans than serious politicians. It is this sort of thing that switches people off from politics.

I am happy to say that my experiences in Warwick & Leamington are very different and on the whole limited to attacking each other only on policy and of course a little friendly rivalry.


Toby Philpott said...

Welcome to Labour in the North of England Alan. I recall that there were Lib Dems in the 90s here in the South of England who had illusions that these were the kinds of people we could do business with....

They are the Tories of the North. A bunch of people who think that they have a God given right to rule. Arrogant, nasty and authoritarian.

Anonymous said...

This needs to be circulated far & wide - this is Labour - real Labour - these peolpe do make me fear for the future.
'All that evil needs ................'

Alan Beddow said...

Grenfield, Evil is perhaps a little strong, it cirtainly gives politics a bad name.