Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another defection to Tory Party.

In a shocking announcement from Tory Central this afternoon, David Cameron paraded the latest defection from the Lib-Dems.

Peter Jackson a Lib-Dem voter in the Stockton on the Fosse Parish Council by-election made the surprising move earlier this morning shortly after breakfast. "I voted Lib-Dem in the by-election because all the other candidates looked too stuck up," said Peter in a press conference on the Village Green this afternoon. "Since David Cameron has stopped wearing a tie, I shall be voting Conservative from now on" he added.

Sir Ming Campbell the acting leader of the Lib-Dem's said that he was campaigning on issues rather than collers and ties. Cameron was more skeptical "It remains to be seen whether the British Public can be swayed by putting Policies before Cheap Gimmicks, and fashion statements" he commented.

The former Lib-Dem Voter pictured watching the three legged race at a recent village fate.

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