Saturday, January 07, 2006

Political Stalemate.

And so we leave the first week of the new year with a political stalemate.

The key players of the Parliamentary Party want Charles to do the honorable thing.

Charles wishing to take it to the grass roots members in a leadership contest.

No one willing to stand against him.

I count myself as one of those who reluctantly conclude that there is no way that Charles position can be tenable. Even if someone could be found to stand in the leadership poll and even should he win, this does not solve the fact that the majority of the parliamentary party no longer have faith in him. Should Charles not win then we have elected a leader that is not really anybodies choice as the key candidates would not stand against him. Perhaps this is why no one has thrown their hat into the ring yet. For anyone to stand would add validity to the contest.

Better for the field to be cleared, Charles to honorably step down and the contest to be opened to those that feel they can rise to the challenge. The members can decide. Plus look at all that free publicity the Tories got as they stage managed their latest leadership contest!!

Who would I like to see in the contest. How about some new names rather than the usual suspects.

How about Nick Clegg, I have heard him speak and I believe he is more than capable of giving Cameron a run for his money.

Then again we need someone who can maintain cohesion between the Economic Liberal and Social Liberal values. This is VITAL as we are being attacked on the right by Cameron and yet it is vital that someone stands up for social justice seeing as it has been abandoned by New Labour. We need to stick to our guns that Liberal Free Market Economics can sit side by side with Social Liberalism.

Lynne Featherstone has been suggested in more than one blog. I have massive admiration for her and have heard her speak, plus of course she is a bit of a babe. (sorry not that politically correct but what the heck, if its OK to secretly brief the press against your leader then it seems nothing is taboo)

My sister fears I may stand and have to face the inevitable embarrassment that would cause the family. Odd really as most families would consider that to be something to be proud of, not so my family. Fortunately as I explained, I am not an MP and therefore not eligible. (yet)

Lets see how this pans out on Monday.

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