Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Well here we are, 2006. I am quite optimistic about it. I have a few resolutions, Stop Smoking, actually I am quite pleased with this one, I had read the book ‘how to stop smoking’ I actually stopped on the 28th as I ran out of cigarettes and thought what is the point of buying some more just so I can go on smoking for a few more days. This is an improvement on the normal half hearted new years eve resolution, where you smoke like a trooper whilst out in the pub partying and wonder why you get withdrawal symptoms the next day. This would be like giving a Heroin Addict an overdose the day before he gets checked into the clinic for cold turkey.

Other than that, the usual stuff, exercise more, eat better food (OK, so the cooked breakfast this morning was a hangover cure), and a list of things I want to achieve and general approach to life that I always review around this time.

So happy new year to anyone reading, lets hope it is a great one.


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