Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Investing a score and perhaps even my vote.

I have been observing the leadership campaigns for the past few days with an open mind. There has been no need to force a decision yet, knowing that it would become clear to me over time who I would vote for.

Whilst I may still change my mind, one candidate does impress me, Chris Huhne. Perhaps I have a perverse sympathy for the underdog, as a child I was never one to switch allegiance to which ever team was winning, something I observed on the school bus each season. Perhaps Chris' race will gain in a party who's members are not known for backing those in front rather are prepared to work hard for what they believe.

Why have I been impressed by Chris. Reviewing the notes I made at the conference on Saturday, Chris was the candidate that had some interesting ideas, rather than trotting out the usual mantra's about localism, fairness and playing to the crowd.

Chris is one to watch over the next few weeks. I am not a betting man however I may stroll into town later on and invest a score.

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